Indiana Stay in Place Order

Providing free programs and services to our neighbors in need.

People of faith working together to support and enrich the lives of Fort Wayne’s central city residents.

Youth participated in programming in 2019

Pieces of clothing given away at the Wellspring Shoppe in 2019

Seniors participated in programming in 2019

Meals served in the Food Bank in 2019

"Wellspring survive."

Committed to Respecting the Dignity and Individuality of Our Participants

For the past 50 years, Wellspring has placed high value on respecting the dignity of every unique and valuable individual it serves. From our food bank and clothing bank clients to the older adults and youth we serve, an importance is placed on the mental, physical, social and spiritual health of those individuals. Wellspring’s services will always be responsive to the needs of our diverse community; be multi and intergenerational; and provide consistent and nutritious food, clothing, education, recreation, mentoring and relationship-building. We are looking forward to serving our underserved neighbors for many years to come.