Wellspring's Cultural Creed

Wellspring reaffirms the following values and principles as stated in our Strategic Framework approved in November 2011.

  • Wellspring recognizes the value of its interfaith relations and will continue to seek partners of all faith traditions in carrying out its mission.
  • Wellspring affirms the dignity of every individual by seeking to be in relationships with the people it serves.
  • Wellspring seeks to integrate its programs and services in a manner that responds to the multi-faceted needs of the lives of the people it serves.

I. Our participants are unique, valuable individuals that deserve to be treated with warmth, dignity and respect and we appreciate their stories and embrace the diversity of their backgrounds and abilities.

II. In the importance of the mental, physical, social and spiritual health of the individuals we serve, and will foster opportunities for holistic growth for those in need.

III. Its services will be responsive to the needs of our diverse community; be multi and intergenerational; and provide consistent and nutritious food, clothing, education, recreation, mentoring and relationship-building.

IV. The Board, staff, and volunteer teams will work collaboratively and creatively to achieve excellence in consistently carrying out its mission. It is essential that our Board of Directors and staff are a diverse group of individuals who are supportive, actively engaged, open-minded, visionary and vital to the achievements of Wellspring offering guidance and direction toward the future.

V.That all our physical sites used for programming will provide dignified, safe, and pleasant surroundings for participants, staff and volunteers.

VI.It is important for the agency to be open-minded, acting as an advocate and leader for social change and growth in the Fort Wayne community. We understand the importance of bringing together diverse stakeholders from across the community as we move toward collaborations.

VII.That the Fort Wayne community and its needs will continue to grow, change, and evolve. We will look for new and innovative ways to effect positive change for the underserved community.

VIII. In accepting the challenge of having a sustainable financial foundation to provide free quality services.